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Interested in the back story?

TheBookTrailer.org features movie trailers of all films based on Young Adult books. This site is a resource accessible to school media specialists, librarians, and teachers alike, never affects library budgets, is available to the general public, and is hosted at a single source.

The idea behind TheBookTrailer.org stems from an MLS capstone research project. In 2013, as part of their Queens College Masters in Library Science program, two library science students conducted a research project for the completion of their degree. Their multi-method research focused on young adult librarians, specific to whether or not they were using readily available materials to promote books that have inspired movies. Keep reading for more information, including a summary of the literature review compiled to support the research.

TheBookTrailer.org was created, and is maintained, by Joanna Schreck (MLS). Read more about Joanna’s background in technology, databases, systems integration, and project management below.

As part of the MLS capstone research project, a prototype webpage was developed, and research was conducted in public libraries in New York City (Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens), Westchester County, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. A questionnaire was sent to young adult librarians in these areas to gauge current library efforts of utilizing movie-marketing materials.

Interest in the prototype was astounding, and as part of the accompanying research paper, step-by-step instructions were offered to assist librarians in replicating and hosting a similar site locally.

Three years later, in 2017, Joanna Schreck resurrected the idea and designed a fully functional, updated website, which she created and now maintains regularly. Donations for site maintenance are greatly appreciated, and can be made here.

The original Queens College MLS capstone project was conducted by Joanna Schreck (admin@thebooktrailer.org) and Elizabeth Paldino (now a Young Adult Librarian; epaldino@hotmail.com).

Literature review in the MLS capstone research included:

  • Lacking library budgets in the 21st century
  • Entertainment-seeking young adults in the digital world
  • Marketing and advertising to young adults
  • Movie-related young adult programs in the library
  • Movie trailers as promotional tools in the library
  • Creating successful library websites for young adult


Meet Joanna

Joanna Schreck holds an MLS from Queens College. By day, Joanna is Sr. Mgr. Operational Excellence/ Data Analytics for a global events company in the B2B technology industry.

Joanna also peer reviews articles and contributes Young Adult book reviews for the Catholic Library Association’s quarterly publication.

Additionally, Joanna is actively involved in a variety of non-profit and co-op organizations local to her, including Trade School Indianapolis, Partners in Housing, and Yellow Key Art Center.  Not least of all, she is the founder and administrator of www.thebooktrailer.org.

Lastly, Joanna always finds time for her hobbies; she is an avid reader, writer, and world traveler!